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Blake Olson

Network Partner/Chief Strategy Officer

Leading marketers around the world will tell you they trust Blake to help them exceed their communications objectives. That’s a lot of trust considering Blake has led client relationships for brands like IBM, BNY Mellon, Sony, Chase, The Times, Reebok, William Glenfiddich,  Frangelico,  ING, American Express, TRW, L.L. Bean and Castrol.


Great agencies have also benefited from Blake’s leadership. The Concept Farm grew 600%, with new business wins totaling $100 million in revenue after Blake arrived as Partner/President. Blake also played key management, strategy and new business roles at Chiat/Day, Hill Holliday, Lowe & Partners, DDB, & Motive/NYC. 


For over 25 years, Blake has helped brands in North America, Europe,  and Asia build new audiences, increase organic growth and steal market share. Blake loves making sense out of fragmentation, knowing what brand assets to carry across borders, and what to leave behind. Some of his most important work included leading IBM’s global advertising for the '94 Olympics. He’s won several Effies for Glenfiddich, and supported rapid market share for BNY Mellon in France, Germany and the UK. 

Blake  serves as the Yolk network's Strategic and Account lead, and is currently CEO of Brown Bear Marketing EU.

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