Food for thought.

 Advertising and marketing have changed a lot in the last 50  years. But the one thing that hasn’t changed is the well- documented advantage advertisers have when they center, not only their communications, but all of their actions as a company around one powerful idea.


 Finding that idea is what the Yolk is all about.   That’s our focus at the start of every project. Once  we find that idea, we then help you implement it, either by ourselves or with the help of our world-wide network of

best-in-class partners.


\yok: noun: the yellow internal part of an egg which is rich in nutrients and nourishes the developing embryo.

[advertising and marketing]: a talented team working alone or with outside partners to find the one key idea that will nourish your brand.

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A fully-integrated, more affordable way to grow your brand.

 Finding ideas that grow brands is our core strength. But it’s how we do it that makes the Yolk such a great option. Don't let our name fool you; the Yolk is 100% fat-free. So you pay only for the actual talent working on your project. Whether it’s a copywriter and a strategic planner, a media person and an analytical strategist, or a full-blown team, that’s what you pay for. Not an entire agency. Not the offices housing that agency. And not the health  benefits  covering that agency. Just the talent.  None of the  fat.